Gypsy Guitar Duet 吉普赛吉他二重奏

The Gypsy guitar duet is composed of Ivan Dorzhiev and George Margiev. The core idea of the duet is to experience the diversity of gypsy music in various countries, such as Spain (known as Flamengo), Russia and Eastern European countries, with the audience.

The duet will lead the audience on a wonderful musical journey: through orange groves and olive gardens; across dry, sunny mountains and plateaus; through gypsy-passionate caves; listening to the elegant whispers of springs in tile courtyards; and interpreting a history of ecstasy and pain. The natural sound of guitar evokes people's memories of the past. In those days, people couldn't discuss the problems in life openly. They could only rely on the voice of their hearts in singing.

Ivan and George will explore the emotions that Gypsy Flamenco gives to music, from lyric poetry to passionate Rumba Dance to the deepest elegy. This is the true expression of the soul in music. In Flamengo performance, the audience is also included in the elements of the performance. When the performance reaches its climax, which is the most real and exciting stage, the audience will be invited to participate in it and shout Ole!

Experiencia personal/honores 个人经历/荣誉

Ivan Dorzhiev:

Born in 1982, Ivan Dorzhiev graduated from Rimsky-Korsakov Music School in St. Petersburg.

Ivan Dorzhiev has won many awards in international famous guitar performance competitions, such as "Virtuosos of guitar" International Guitar Art Performance in St. Petersburg in 2010 and "Viva Espaa" Spanish art performance in 2014 and 2015. From 2012 to 2013, he worked in Seville, Spain. Granada studied Flamengo from Pedro Viscomi and Michelle Laccarino.

Nowadays Ivan Dorzhiev plays a lot of music in concert halls both inside and outside Russia (such as St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities). His performance was recognized by international audiences and critics. Ivan Dorzhiev is an outstanding flamenco guitar artist and musician who redefines the possibilities of playing his instruments.

George Margiev:

Born in 1991, George Margiev received music education (classical guitar course) at Baikonur State Conservatory of Music and graduated with excellent grades.

George Margiev won the first place in the music competition between Kazakhstan and Baikonur Municipal Conservatory of Music in 2007.

Working with different bands and performers from all over the world, he learned different musical styles. As a classical guitarist, George Margiev was most curious about Flamenco art. Because in Flamenco art, the guitar is the most basic and most important element of music, but also permeates most Gypsy life. This is also an important reason why he decided to engage in flamenco guitar and art performance.


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