Jay Kacherski 杰伊·卡彻斯基

Born in New York, Jay has performed as a soloist and a highly acclaimed Texas guitar quartet member around the world.

He has worked with Grammy Award winners and nominees such as the indoor choir "Conspirare" and the Chilean flutist Viviana Guzman, as well as Piazola's successor, Argentina's Bando button. The performer Daniel Binelli collaborated with the New Orleans Opera House.

Activity planning

July 16

20:15-21:30 Jay Solo Concert: Upper Steps High School Auditorium

Special concert track

Experiencia personal/honores 个人经历/荣誉

Jay has performed at many prestigious festivals and venues such as Texaco International Guitar Festival, Florida Guitar Foundation, Brevard Music Center, Dome Concert Hall, International Guitar Academy of the National Conservatory of Mexico, and New Orleans International. Guitar Art Festival.

Jay is the deputy editor of Soundboard magazine, the director of the Francis Bourbon Youth Orchestra Guitar Project, and the artistic director of the Houston Classical Guitar Festival in Houston, Texas. Currently working as a guitar teacher at Loyola University, the University of New Orleans and McNeese State University, and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA).


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