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Min yuanti 闵元褆

Member of Shanghai Musicians Association, Director of Guitar Professional Committee of Shanghai Musicians Association; Executive Vice President of Shanghai Guitar Art Association. He was a member of the editorial board and special editor of "Friends of Guitar". Classical guitar player and educator.

Thanks to the teacher’s participation in the recording of the "Carcassie" teaching soundtrack, the "Chinese Guitar Player Special Edition" soundtrack, and the teaching tape of "Spanish Classical Guitar 100-Day Self-study Course" by his own demonstration and explanation, in guitar music There is a great influence in the teaching field.

Li Zhiwei ​李质伟

Member of the Chinese Musicians Association The first classical guitarist in the history of Chinese guitar, the senior consultant of the Chinese Music Association Guitar Society, the judge of the National Guitar Competition, and the guest of the Chinese Music Association Tianjin Guitar Professional Committee.

In June 2003, Li Zhiwei was approved by the Tianjin Branch of the Chinese Musicians Association as a member of the Chinese Musicians Association. In the summer of 2008, he was invited to participate in the 2nd International Guitar Art Festival hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music. It is one of the only special guests in China. In 2016, he became the first director of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Tianjin Branch of the China Music Association.

Li Wenwei has been engaged in guitar teaching and performance for many years and has rich teaching experience. Many classical guitar players and professors have been trained, and the performance of "Zhiwei Guitar Orchestra" which has been in existence for more than 30 years is still being organized from time to time, contributing to the promotion of the classical guitar industry in China.

Zhao Changgui 赵长贵

A famous guitar player and one of the top ten acoustic guitarists in China. Under the tutelage of Mr. Wu Zikai, 1985 and Wu Zikai co-founded [Nanjing Feiyin Guitar Art School]. As a domestic guitarist, he has held more than 500 individual solo concerts throughout the country. More than 30 are the champions of all kinds of guitar competitions across the country.

In 2004, as the forerunner, Mr. Zhao took the lead in publishing and publishing the "National Classical Guitar Test Collection" textbook in China. All the more than 300 songs in the textbook were personally demonstrated by Professor Zhao.

Fang Fang 方放

A famous Chinese guitar player and educator, the first British senior music school guitar professional senior performance diploma holder; the world famous guitar artist educator Professor Chen Zhi (head of the China Broadcast Guitar Orchestra, visiting professor at the Paris Conservatory of Music), Foreign teacher Kaby (Dean of the Segovia Conservatory of Music, Spain). In 2012, he participated in the recording of the "Carcassian Guitar Series Textbook", which has accumulated more than 100,000 copies.

In recent years, Fang Fang has opened the [Fangfang Guitar Art Center] in Xinjiang and Shenzhen, and is committed to cultivating guitar youth talents.

Qi Zhenqi 闵振奇

Wang Lijun 王黎军

He is currently the vice president of Guangdong Guitar Research Association, the vice president of Shenzhen Guitar Association, the classical guitar special teacher of Shenzhen Art School, the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, the guitar evaluation judge of Guangdong Guitar Research Association, and the judge of Hongda Aldamira International Guitar Competition. In recent years, many students have been admitted to the national key art colleges, and many students have won awards at home and abroad.

Zhou Zhu Xiang 周祖翔

He is currently the vice president of Shenzhen Guitar Association, the Guangdong Provincial Music Association, the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, the test judge of the Shenzhen District, the Shanghai Biennial International Guitar Art Festival and the National Competition Judge.

In 1991, he won the "First National Guitar Friends Competition" in Shanghai. In 1993, he was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music "Segovia Classical Guitar Center". He has held special lectures and performances in famous universities such as Peking University, People's Congress and Beiwai. Will, cultivate a large number of talents.

Chen Hualiang 陈华亮

Head of Shanghai Philharmonic Guitar Chamber Orchestra, young guitar player.

Mr. Chen won the third prize in the 1991 National Friendship Classical Guitar Competition. In early 1992, he represented the Friends of Guitars Association and performed a condolence performance to the Shanghai Eighth Company. One of the top ten news. In 1993, Weihai Summer Camp and the 21st Provincial Guitar Competition won the second prize, which was also the highest prize won by Shanghai players in previous national competitions. In the same year, Mr. Chen was invited to go to Shantou City, Guangdong Province for lectures and performances. The Friends of Guitars had made a photo report on this.

World-class masters John Williams, Eduardo Fernández, famous musician Tan Bingruo and many famous artists have given guidance and exchanges on his performances, and they all highly praised them.

Wang Ju 王钧

The international guitar player of the United States, Wang Yameng’s father and enlightenment teacher, is currently the head and teacher of Qingdao Yameng Guitar Center.

Wu Man Ni 吴曼妮

In 2010, he was admitted to the Classical Guitar Department of the Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music. He studied classical guitar with Professor Bastian Hildner (German). In January 2015, he was admitted to the Weimar Liszt Academy of Music, two famous music schools in Germany. In 2017, the master's degree in classical guitar was completed at the Robert Schumann Conservatory of Music in Düsseldorf. In 2018, the high score of the professor passed the exam and accepted the guitarist of the Robert Schumann Conservatory in Düsseldorf. "Admission qualification for diploma study (this diploma is equivalent to Dr. Guitar, the highest degree of guitar performance in Germany at present.) Excellent performance during the German period, and received the German National Scholarship in 2016.

Wu Manni has won many awards at home and abroad for many competitions and has been invited to perform as a guest performer for many large-scale events. She has certain competition and stage experience and is one of the most interesting new generation classical guitarists in China.

Xu Zhong 徐忠

The founder of Xuzhong Guitar Art Center, a famous guitar education institution in Hubei Province. The students have won many awards in the National Guitar Competition. From 2014 to 2018, in the guitar festivals of Shenyang, Qinling, Shanghai and Qingdao. , won 13 national championships, 29 to 2 to 6 honors.

Shuai Jun 帅军

One of the former members of the China Broadcasting Guitar Orchestra, studied classical guitars with Mr. Shuai Wanfu, Mr. Feng Zhaoxiong, Mr. Zhang Wei and Mr. Jiang Weijie. In 1993, he graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music "Segovia Center" and studied under the internationally renowned Professor Chen Zhi. A solo concert was held in 1994. In 2000, he founded the Guangzhou Modern Guitar Orchestra and led many delegations to conduct artistic exchanges and cooperative performances with experts at home and abroad. He is currently a national social art level examination examiner, director of the Beijing Guitar Society of China, vice president of the Guangdong Guitar Research Association, honorary chairman of the Guangzhou Guitar Society, head of the Guangzhou Modern Guitar Orchestra, and a professional teacher of the Xinghai Youth Palace Guitar.

Gao Yuanli 高元利

He graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music with a classical guitar major. From 1999 to 2003, he was an assistant to Professor Chen Zhi of the Central Conservatory of Music. He is currently a guitar teacher in the Art Management Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music and a teacher of the classical guitar major in the Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Wang Yueyue 王乐玥

Chen Yifan 陈异梵

Zhang Yong 张勇

Zhang Yong, Vice President of Guangdong Guitar Research Association, President of Guitar Society of Chaozhou Musicians Association

Yang Ya 杨遐

President of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Musicians Association and President of the Baroque Music School. In 1982, he began to learn guitar in Xi'an. After moving to Guangzhou, he continued to study with the famous guitarist Jiang Weijie. He also received the guidance of international masters such as the famous American classical guitar and lute player William Matthews. The Baroque Music School, which was hosted by him, has been admitted to professional art colleges at home and abroad with outstanding professional achievements, and won numerous gold medals in the Chinese Little Musicians Competition and the Shaanxi Chunyin Cup Art Competition.

Han Hong Tao 韩洪涛

A classical guitar educator, promoter and music translator, and the founder of Shandong Pan American Education. He has lectured and edited many guitar theory books and tutorials for many international guitar masters. One of the core planners and organizers of the Pan American National Classical Guitar Enlightenment Training and Training Program. In October 2018, the European classic guitar enlightenment textbook "Children's Guitar Tutorial" translated by Han Hongtao was released nationwide. This tutorial fills the gap in the introduction of Chinese children's guitar enlightenment materials, and is known as the "Thompson" of the classical guitar.

Zhong Hao 钟浩

Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Literary Artists Association, Chinese Art Quality and Professional Level Evaluation Instructor, Executive Director and Legal Person of Jue Lun Music Culture Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.; stage name Zhong Haoran, senior musician, representative works: guitar song "Autumn" Gu Xi Lie - live in the moment" and so on.

Personal experience

June 2015-present Founder of Yueyue Guitar Brand, Founder of Shenzhen Yueyun Culture Development Co., Ltd.

May 2014-June 2015 Co-founder of Verdi (Shenzhen) Music Co., Ltd.

March 2012-May 2014 General Manager of Hezhong Group Audio and Video Production Company, Shareholder of Hezhong Music College

December 2009-March 2012 Soho Regional Music Director, Suho Liuzhou Store Shareholder

June 2005-2009 November Established Wuhan Tongzhou Record Company

1996-2005 May, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions engaged in bar music performances



Yi Shouyun 易守云

Member of Guangdong Musicians Association, Director of Guangdong Guitar Research Association, Member of Shenzhen Musicians Association, Secretary General of Shenzhen Guitar Association, Founder of Guitar Space Culture, Guangdong Musicians Association, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music Guitar Test Shenzhen Invited judges; graduated in music education, engaged in guitar teaching for nearly 20 years, integrated folk music into an innovative guitar teaching, and compiled a set of scientific and complete guitar teaching programs. The students taught have won awards in provincial and municipal competitions many times, and they are highly praised by student-level parents.

Gubo 古博

Lecturer at the Jinzhong Conservatory of Music, Shenzhen University, Art Director of Peking University, Shenzhen, China's top ten guitarists. He studied guitar guitarist Su Maoyun and studied guitar for 30 years.

Personal experience

In 2011, CCTV Tourism Spring Festival Evening performed live performance guests

In 2012, Yao Beina’s low-carbon concert served as the arranger lead guitarist.

In 2012, he participated in the Yunnan World Pop Music Festival as a guitarist.

In 2013, he served as a judge in the major band guitar competitions in Shenzhen.

In 2014, won the title of China's top ten guitarists

In 2014, representing the Shenzhen musicians to South Africa to participate in the Cape Town World Music Festival is the only Chinese band since the South African Music Festival.

In 2015, he was employed by Peking University School of Humanities and Zhongshan Guanghou Primary School as a music director.

In 2015, on behalf of China to participate in the Montreal Music Festival

From 2015 to 2017, a number of individual concerts will be held. The Shenzhen Grand Theatre will hold a special guitar concert in Shenzhen. The Futian Music Hall will hold a good concert.

Ling Peng 凌鹏

Qin Yue Mu Feng Art Director, engaged in guitar performing arts for more than 30 years, has served as the lead guitarist in many well-known electro-acoustic bands, and has served as the lead guitarist for domestic and Hong Kong and Taiwan superstars, such as Han Hong and Qi Qin. Zhou Chuanxiong, Li Jian, etc., have served as the live band guitar lead of various programs on Sichuan TV.

Mr. Ling constantly summed up from the actual teaching cases. In 2012, he created the “Ling Peng Guitar Teaching Method” and put this teaching method into practice and received amazing results. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Ling brought a group of students from the zero base to the venue of the National Guitar Competition. They won 20 top six prizes in the competition, including three champions and three runners-up. Mr. Ling himself was also awarded the honor of “Outstanding Guitar Artist and Guitar Education Pioneer.

Wu Bing 吴兵

Classical guitar teacher at the School of Music and Dance, Shenzhen University.

In 2011-2013, at the International Guitar Academy in Koblenz, Germany, he studied classical guitar performance and teaching from the famous German classical guitarist and educator Hubert Kaeppel system, and successfully held graduation solo concerts and tutor recommendation letters. During this period, he was personally instructed by the performers Angel.Romero, Fabio.Zanon, Alexander.S. Ramirez and others.

From 2003 to 2010, he was a lecturer at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and a guitarist at the Sichuan Music Institute. In the meantime, together with Wang Jijun, the volume of the "Classical Guitar Skills Tutorial" was published and published by Sichuan University Press. He was the judge of the first "Eagle Cup" Guitar Competition sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Music Association. He has sent many students to France, Germany and Ukraine to study abroad.

From 1999 to 2003, he graduated from Xi'an Conservatory of Music, the first classical guitar playing professional, and studied under Wu Feng. Successfully held a graduation solo concert and earned a degree.

From 1997 to 1999, he studied under the teaching of classical guitar by Professor Chen Zhi from the Central Conservatory of Music.

From 1995 to 1999, he served as the guitar teacher of the Tianjin Music Association Haibei Music School and the Tianjin Music Association to host the “Haibei Cup” College Student Guitar Competition.

Wu Hao 吴浩

The classical guitar teacher of the Modern Art Department of Shenzhen Art School graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music with a classical guitar major. He studied under the famous classical guitar master and educator Professor Chen Zhi.

In 2004, he was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music with a distinction in classical guitar, and became the first student in Guangdong Province to be admitted to the school. In 2008, he was the teaching teacher of the classical guitar major of the Shenzhen Art School. He was invited to lecture, to serve as various competitions and to judge the judges.

The students have participated in many domestic and international concerts and festivals, and have been highly praised by the masters. At the same time, they have won many awards in classical guitar competitions at home and abroad, including the first place in the "Hong Kong International Guitar Competition" Junior and Open Group. Second place; Germany "Andrew Segovia" international youth guitar competition winners; "Zhuhai International Guitar Competition" first and second place; "Changsha International Guitar Competition" awards.

Li Long 陈龙

Full-time teacher of Shenzhen Guitar Class, graduated from the classical guitar master class of the School of Art of Renmin University of China. In 1989, the Chinese Youth Art Troupe performed classical guitar solo and ensemble concerts in Tianjin and Beijing. In 1992, he taught at Tianjin Nankai University and other colleges and universities. In 2006, Shenzhen Huawei Group invited the classical guitar solo concert to be successfully held. In the same year, he took the postgraduate course of classical guitar of Renmin University of China Art School. In 2012, he was the judge of the classical guitar open group of the 6th China Guitar Culture Festival.

Du Chunyang 杜春阳

China's famous young classical guitar player. Since childhood, he has studied classical guitar performance from many Chinese and foreign classical guitar master systems. Since 2008, he has actively participated in classical guitar competitions at home and abroad and has been invited to hold many solo concerts. The honors include: the 4th China Guitar Culture Festival National Guitar Competition Classic Open Group Champion, the 2nd Shenyang National Guitar Competition Classic Youth Group Champion, the 1st Urumu National Guitar Contest Open Group Champion, CCTV Hosting 2011 Leaders China The champion of the guitar contest open group, the first guitar Chinese national guitar invitation classical guitar group champion, the 2010 first Beijing Bach International Classical Guitar Competition open group champion. From September to October 2017, a concert tour was held in four cities including Paris, France.

Teaching Achievements: In 2010, the student Bai Zitong was admitted to the Xinghai Conservatory of Classical Guitars with the first place. In 2013, the student was admitted to the classical guitar major of the University of Hamburg in Germany, and won the second place in the Greek International Classical Guitar Competition the following year. The student Wu Bijun won three national championships. In 2018, the student Wang Longfei was admitted to the classical music major of the Belarusian National Conservatory of Music.

Li Long 李龙

He is a guitarist and educator. He is currently the president of the Zhongshan Professional Committee of Zhongshan City, the president of the Zhongshan Guitar Association, and the remote guitar professor of the Asian Music Academy of Hong Kong. Director of the Guitar Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, National Social Art Examination Examiner of the Chinese Musicians Association, Hong Kong Emperor Artists Examination Association Examiner, Hong Kong Chinese Music Association Director, expert member, director of the Guangdong Guitar Research Association, executive director of the Zhongshan Musicians Association, Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Music. Mr. Li is a special editor of "Friends of Guitar". He was awarded the National Guitar Competition Organizer Award and Creation Award of the Ministry of Culture in 2000. He has won the National Guitar Contest Gardener Award and Organization Award for many times.

Ren Haikun 任海鲲

Graduated from the Department of Automatic Control of North University of China. Playing classical guitar for more than 20 years, dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque music, playing classical guitar teaching after playing.

Zhang Ying 张迎

Director of the Chinese Guitar Society. He has studied under the famous guitar master Wang Yu, the president of the Chinese Guitar Society Wang Youmin, and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Professor Ye Dengmin. He studied at the Senior Graduate Class of Classical Guitars of Renmin University of China and has received many international masters such as José Enriques of Spain, Fukuda of Japan, and Luofu Mountain of Russia. He has held many personal concerts and lectures throughout the country and has served as a guest and judge of the National Guitar Competition. In December 2015, as a core member of Huatian Jiyun Chinese Classical Guitar Orchestra, he performed at the Yamaha Concert Hall in Tokyo and was a complete success.

Yu Qingping 余青平

A famous Chinese guitar player and producer, who worked with famous musician Li Zongsheng to make guitars and performed successfully in the Great Hall of the People. In 1987, he represented Beijing in the first international guitar art festival in Zhuhai, showing his extraordinary playing talent and establishing Wuhan Qingping. Guitar School; has been invited to serve as a judge of the National Guitar Competition since 1993; in 1999, he held a solo concert at the Beijing Concert Hall. It was one of the most famous classical guitarists in the country from the late 1980s to the beginning of this century. After 2000, he focused on guitar production, sales, teaching, performance, and textbook editing.

Yang Wenze 杨文泽

Executive Vice President of Shanxi Guitar Society, professional teacher of China Guitar Society, has served as the judges of national guitar competitions in Shenyang, Fujian, Jinan, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Kaifeng, Xi'an and Shanxi. Tian Geqin, founded by Teacher Yang Wenze, is the only teaching base of classical music in Tianjin Conservatory of Music in Shanxi.

Zhao Junjie 赵俊杰

Member of Luoyang Musicians Association, director of Music Center of Leyang Guitar Hall, began to learn classical guitar in the early 1980s, and began to teach and perform classical guitar in 1987. Mr. Zhao has served as a judge for major international and domestic competitions such as Shanghai International Guitar Art Festival, Shenyang International Guitar Art Festival and Qinling International Guitar Art Festival.

Hu Yutang 胡玉堂

Director of Guangdong Guitar Research Association

Standing Secretary of Foshan Guitar Association

Chairman of Foshan Huayun Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Du Min 杜敏

Stage name: Adu, famous musician, founder and lead singer of "Boiling Band", top ten singer, film and television actor, songwriter. There are certain achievements in vocal singing and education, guitar performance and education. He studied at the Central Conservatory of Music and majored in vocal music and composition, guitar and other majors. Since 1993, he has been concentrating on music teaching, performance and creation. The disciples have over 10,000, and created outstanding representative works "Dream of Dreams", "Chuzhou Xiaoyue", "Let Life Bloom", "Liu Lanhua", "Anhui Coalfield Geological Song", "For Love, On the Road", "Grandma Bridge" and so on.

He is currently the executive director of the Chinese Guitar Society, the examiner of the China Philharmonic Examination Committee, the deputy secretary general of the Vancouver International Film Festival Organizing Committee, the Anhui Provincial Music Association, and the Hefei City Music Association.

Yao Yu 姚禹

Founder of Shenzhen Guitar Zone, Guangzhou mbx Guitar International Customs Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Guitar Association Standing Secretariat, Shenzhen Musical Instrument Industry Association Director, Guangdong Provincial Guitar Director, Guangdong Guitar Test Judge. In Shenzhen, a number of outstanding music school students were trained. Some of the students were admitted to the classical guitar majors of the Hannover Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and Shenzhen University.

In 2013, Shenzhen Guitar Zone Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established to form a professional guitar teaching guitar team. As of 2018, the guitar zone has opened four guitar education institutions, and the guitar project has been stationed in more than 10 large institutions and nearly 10 primary and secondary school community classes, and provided music training for many listed companies and municipal government units. Cooperation in cultural projects.

Chen Qing 陈卿

Mainland Chinese-speaking male singer, film and television actor; won the "Top Ten Newcomer Award" in the 2018 Asian Music Festival; China Good Voice 2015 Anhui Excellent District; Black and White Brothers Founder and Art Education President, Anhui Anqing Musicians Association, Anqing Member of the City Singers Association, member of the Shenzhen Musicians Association, director of the Shenzhen Guitar Association, guitar judges of the Guangdong Musicians Association, and members of the China Music Copyright Association. It is a combination of lyrics, composition, singing, musicians, screenwriters, actors, music producers and other composite artists and music teachers.

Wang Qiang 王强

Film producer, musician, founder of the Chinese guitar music base.

Ran Jinyang ​冉晋阳

Yang Liu 杨柳

Shenzhen Xinjue Weizhi Guitar Orchestra

Shenzhen Guitar Belt Orchestra

Founder of Shenzhen Musical Guitar Culture

He graduated from the Music College of Hunan Normal University and has won the Guitar Campus Competition Award many times. He studied with Liu Weizhi, a Japanese performer.

Wang You 王右

The world famous classical guitar player has won more than 10 international classical guitar competitions. The first Chinese won the world's most authoritative GFA International Guitar Competition Award.

In July 2014, he was invited by the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Changsha International Guitar Competition to serve as an art guest and judge of the competition. In 2015, he was invited by the Organizing Committee of Qingdao First International Guitar Art Festival to be the guest of the jury of the competition. He has served as a professor of classical guitar at Yunnan Art College.

Du Zhusong 杜竹松

Famous American musician, pipa, classical guitar player and composer. He is currently a professor at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, a master's tutor, and a national first-level performer. The National Association is a Distinguished Professor of the China Music and Culture Center of the University of Tennessee State University. He is currently the executive director of the World Chinese Musicians Association, Zhejiang Branch. President of China Hulu, Bawu Professional Committee, executive director of China Professional Committee.

Sun Yu Cai 孙育才

Founder of Shanghai Ruoqiang Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the toddler of the Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., vice president of the Guitar Research Committee of the Hebei Musicians Association, and president of the Bengbu Guitar Research Committee.

Cai Wang 王璨

Guitarist and composer, studied by famous Spanish guitar masters Manolo Sanlúcar, Rafael Riqueni, David Cerreduela, Eduardo Rebollar, Diego del Morao, Manuel Cera and so on. There are two textbooks entitled "Flamengo Guitar Common Skills Detailed Explanation" and "Flamengo Guitar Curved Rhythm". In 2013-2017, as a special guest of the year, he participated in a series of national tour performances such as "The End of the World" and "Elegant Art into the Campus" of the Oriental Performing Arts Group. In the same period, he taught at the Central Conservatory of Music. In 2015, the Flamengo China website was founded. Undoubtedly, Teacher Wang represents the highest level of Chinese flamenco guitar.

Ding Wu Hong 丁吴洪

He is currently the president of Jingjiang Guitar Association, the president of the Guitar Professional Committee of Taizhou Musicians Association, and the special expert of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He has published "Paganini on the ukulele", "Appreciation and Performance of Classic English Songs", "Left "The Little Curse has a spectrum", "Ding Ding Folk Guitar Guide", "Ding Ding Children's Guitar Tutorial" and other works.

Mr. Ding has won the National Guitar Competition and has been invited to participate in the Guitar Art Festival at home and abroad. China's unique innovative children's guitar teaching leader has successfully organized many national children's guitar teaching seminars.

Huang Xiaoyan 黄小雁

Born in a family of musicians in Guangdong, he has served as a member of the Guitar Research Association of the Chinese Musicians Association, a Shenzhen Board of Directors of the Shanghai Guitar Friendship Association, a technical consultant for guitar manufacturers such as Guangzhou Jinque and Red Cotton, and a executive vice president of the Meizhou Guitar Association. Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Jury of the Second Muxin Cup Guitar Competition in Meizhou City, General Manager of the First Musical Instrument Company of Meizhou City, Supervisor of Shenzhen Guitar Association, Vice President of Shenzhen Staff Training School, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Zhongyuan Real Estate, etc. Position

In recent years, Mr. Huang Xiaoyan has focused on cultivating the first pair of “Longfeng Chuanqi” children and children composed of Longfeng sisters Huang Jialong and Huang Jialong who were admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music, and donated more than 200,000 yuan to all parts of the country. Seventy-seven poor students studied and were reported by the Xinhua News Agency and other media outlets as “Shenzhen Sunshine People”, “Global Hakkas’ Pride”, and “Primary School Students in Poverty Students”.

Li Mantian 李漫天

The closed-door disciple of the famous classical guitar educator Hu Aihua visited many places to hold classical guitar concerts and assisted teachers in classical guitar promotion.

During the study period, he participated in several music festivals and participated in the National Open Competition of famous high-level art colleges such as Shenyang Conservatory of Music and Tianjin Conservatory of Music. He also achieved outstanding results in the highest level of the international public professional group held by the China Music Association Guitar Association. ! After the establishment of the "Hundred People Fan Team", carried out a number of art exchange activities. He founded the "Classical Guitar Art Experience" alone, set up a learning center in Beijing, highlighted the quality of customized teaching, and spread the connotation of classical guitar art.

Zhang Yuqi 张宇琪

Guangdong youth classical guitar player

Member of Guangdong Musicians Association

Music Director of Guangzhou Jiuyin Culture and Art Center

Guangzhou Children's Palace Guitar Professional Teacher

Since childhood, he has studied classical guitar playing and music education from Chinese classical guitar educator Professor He Qing and Professor Guan Zhenming. He is a senior teacher of classical guitar in the School of Continuing Education of Xinghai Conservatory of Music. He has won the “Excellent Instructor” awards in the 6th Asian International Art Competition, the 10th Hong Kong International Youth Art Festival, and the Dandelion Cup. Mr. Zhang has participated in the compilation of "Guangdong Province Classical Kyrgyzstan" and other textbooks. He has served as a music director and judges tutor for art competitions and events, and has held many individual and teacher-student guitar concerts.

Zhou Qiang 周强

Endo Yosuke 远藤洋介

He is currently a foreign expert in the classical guitar of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, a classical guitar professional teacher. He is currently the vice president of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Musicians Association. Learn piano and classical guitar from an early age.

From 2004 to 2008, he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany, and studied under the tutelage of Professor Hans-Werner Huppertz, majoring in guitar, and obtained a master's degree in guitar with excellent results. During the period, he followed the famous guitar masters C. Marchionne, C. Cotiolis, Sasaki, P. Staidl, H. Kaeppel, T. M. pering, M. Dylla, J. Dearman, etc., and was highly praised.

Zhao Lian 赵廉

He is currently the director of the Chinese Musicians Association's Pop Music Society, the executive deputy director of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Henan Musicians Association, the vice president of the Henan Pop Music Association and the president of the Guitar Professional Committee, the director of the Yellow River Guitar Art Large-scale Exhibition and the Zhengzhou CDS. Founder of Guitar Training Center, Zhengzhou Yuren Yizhi·Art Development Space Chief Principal.

Since the first guitar training class for the society in 1986, she has been engaged in guitar teaching for thirty-three years. In 1996, Zhengzhou CDS Guitar Training Center was established. In May 2015 and May 2018, the Guitar Professional Committee of the Henan Pop Music Association and the Guitar Professional Committee of the Henan Musicians Association were established, and served as the president and executive deputy director.

Shao Jianyong 邵建勇

The president of the Guitar Special Committee of the Changde City Musician Association of Hunan Province has been engaged in classical guitar teaching for many years and has been invited as a judge of the domestic guitar competition.

Huang Xi 黄曦

A classical guitarist and a master's student in classical guitar at the Central Conservatory of Music. He is a well-known international educator, Professor Chen Zhi and Associate Professor Li Jie. In recent years, he has participated in the "Beijing International Guitar Art Festival" in the National Grand Theatre; he was invited to hold a number of individual classical guitar solo concerts at festivals across the country. The performance is exquisite and yet atmospheric, and has received wide acclaim. He has been invited by Shenzhen Radio to perform and interview. In 2014, he graduated from Shenzhen and went to Shenzhen to work on guitar teaching. His achievements were remarkable. In just a few years, many students have been admitted to the music majors of the Central Conservatory of Music, Xi'an Conservatory of Music and other professional colleges and universities.

Hu Aihua 胡爱华

Born in 1962. At the age of 15, he was exposed to guitar and studied under Professor Liu Shijie and Professor Chen Zhi. In more than 40 years of guitar practice and teaching students, a large number of practical and efficient teaching methods have been accumulated. So far, 32 undergraduate students including German, American, Swiss, and Austrian students have been trained. More than 50 teachers have been trained and more than 3,000 social trainees. From 2000 to 2015, he taught at the Haidian Art School in Beijing. At present, Mr. Hu established the Aihua Guitar League, established a guitar performance and faculty base in Henan and other places, and uploaded the first part of the series of classical guitar video tutorials recorded in the Aihua Guitar Classroom on the Internet in 2015. The Basic Skills Tutorial is well received by guitar lovers.

Huang Jianping 黄建平

Graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, opened a classical guitar major at Henan University in September 1988, and pioneered the introduction of classical guitars into higher art institutions in China. He served as vice president of Henan Guitar Association and consultant of Kaifeng Guitar Association; Shanghai Literary and Art Publishing House "Friends of the Guitar" Association of Friends of the Board of Directors. Specially invited as an expert of the Expert Committee of the Guitar Friends League, published more than ten guitar papers, served as the judge of the previous guitar competitions in Henan Province, responsible for the guitar examination and music theory, once served as " The national multi-province guitar competition and the jury of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the National Guitar Contest; in 2015 and 2018, participated in the "Specialized Experts of the Shanghai Conservatory Guitar Art Festival." 2017 edited and published (Henan Province Guitar Association classical guitar grading song) and was hired as a full-time undergraduate exam examiner at the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music at 2018__2019. Currently teaching at the Sias International Conservatory of Music at Zhengzhou University. Zhengzhou General Institute of Technology, School of Art, Zhengzhou, the head of the classical guitar training room.

Han Xianfu 韩先富

Graduated from the Music College of Nanjing Normal University, under the tutelage of classical guitar player, producer Fang Renjun, president of Yangzhou Guitar Society, judge of the National Guitar Competition, Yangzhou Children's Palace guitar professional teacher! I have studied and performed in Japan and Spain! Students have held individual solo concerts in the Yangzhou Concert Hall and won prizes in national competitions!

Guo Liang 郭樑

Founder of Shandong Erwan International Cultural Exchange Center, classical guitar teaching expert, art test planning expert, career planner. Vice President of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Jinan Musicians Association.

At the age of 10, he studied classical guitar. The teacher of the enlightenment was Liu Chuanxin and Lu Peng, the famous masters of Qingdao, and the teacher, Mr. Cheng Song, a famous classical guitarist in China. In 2002, he was admitted to the classical music major of Sichuan Conservatory of Music with excellent results, specializing in classical guitar performance and music theory.

Liu Zijun 刘自军

Chinese classical guitar teacher, Beijing Chengzhi Guitar School graduated, studied under the famous guitar player and guitar maker Fang Renjun, and was also guided by Mr. Chen Zhi, a famous guitar educator in China. In 2016, he studied with Wu Bing teacher. Classical guitar teaching method, during the German guitar godfather Hubert Käppel master class.

Lu Jun Ping 芦俊平

In the early years, he worked in various companies such as Procter & Gamble and Guangsheng Group. In 2012, he opened a music company, mainly engaged in music training. Founded in 2018 by the media "Guitar Weekly", it enjoys a certain reputation in the industry. In 2019, he opened a "guitar private school" and focused on classical guitar education and training.

For a long time, Mr. Lu has maintained contacts and contacts with many artists at home and abroad, especially classical guitar artists, and has a deep understanding and understanding of the development of classical guitar art at home and abroad and the development of guitar manufacturing.

Cui Zhaomin 崔召民

Focusing on the classical guitar, folk fingerstyle guitar playing teaching, in 2002, he founded the Cui Zhaomin Guitar Art Center in Pingdu City, and some of the students won the provincial and national guitar competition awards.

Ma Xuejun 马学军

Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Music Association Guitar Professional Committee, the judges of the classical group of the 3465th Guitar Competition. He has been given the guidance of many famous musicians such as guitarist educator Wu Zikai. I have won the title of excellent guide teacher of the Provincial Guitar Competition, the outstanding instructor of the National Youth Art Talents Selection Competition, and the National Excellent Teacher of the Dandelion Cup.

Chang Boheng 常伯衡

The founder of "Amusement Music Guitar Art Center", in 1990, he studied at the Central Conservatory of Music, China Radio Youth Guitar Orchestra, and Beijing Guitar Society. The first full-time classical guitar professional class was held in the world by Professor Chen Zhi, a world famous guitar artist. . In March 2013, he founded the "Hong Kong Philharmonic Guitar Orchestra", which is dedicated to popularizing and promoting guitar music.

Wang Mingbo 王明波

Senior classical guitar player and educator in China; founder of Dalian Mingbo Guitar Art Center. In the 1980s, he began to learn and learn folk and classical guitars. In 2003, he won the first national guitar teacher training master class certificate; in 2004, he was invited to participate in the first "Northern Guitar Art Festival" and played classical guitar duo and quartet in Liaoning Grand Theatre. . He has been employed by many art schools in Dalian for many years and is engaged in guitar teaching. He has accumulated more than 5,000 students and has won many awards in provincial and municipal competitions.

Jiang Tong 蒋彤

A well-known domestic guitar player has participated in live band accompaniment of several large-scale evening parties (super songs) organized by Hunan Satellite TV. In 2004, he entered Beijing "New Beijing News" and formed the "Xinle Club" band. In 2006, the band signed a contract with Guangdong Star Alien Records to launch the band's album "Sunrise." In 2007, he participated in the recording of the compilation of the famous folk music artist Hong Qi's "Alimujiang, where are you" album and many performances at the Starlight scene and MAO Live house. In 2008, he participated in the clip-track combination "Going All Out" Arranged recordings, and many times with the musician Li Guangping and Taiwanese senior musician Chen Peter.

Li Haitao 李海涛

Chinese folk guitar master, president of Beijing Youth Guitar Association, member of World Chinese Musicians Association, founder of Kyushu Guitar Academy, excellent guitar fraternity national guitar enthusiast question answering mailbox host, LHT guitar image spokesperson. The personal art biography has been compiled into the Dictionary of Chinese Musicians represented by Nie Er and Xing Xinghai (People's Publishing House), "Chinese Musicians' Code" (Chinese Literature and Art Publishing House), "Chinese Musicians of the Past 100 Years" (Chinese Literature and Art Publishing House) ).

Sun Chenghai 孙成海

In 1996, he founded the Sunshine Music Store in Kunming to carry out the teaching and dissemination of guitar. Over the years, he has held hundreds of "Sunshine Tour" guitar concerts in Kunming and Yunnan Province, and trained and trained tens of thousands of guitar lovers in colleges and universities; in 2008, he was the first Kunming musician. In 2012, he served as the vice president of the second Kunming Musicians Association Guitar Branch. In the same year, he held the "Kunming Musicians Association Cup" guitar competition; in 2016, he founded the Baisheng Guitar Art Center.

Zhang Li 张利

China refers to the guitar modernist pioneer, the famous fingerstyle guitar educator, the performer, the president of the Guitar Society of Shanxi Musicians Association, the deputy director of the Fingerprint Guitar Professional Committee of the Chinese Guitar Society, and the Honorary Advisor of the Finger Mushroom Music Education Alliance Fingerprint Guitar. Saga guitar spokesperson, external professor of Hainan Normal University Music School, national fingering guitar master class lecturer, national guitar contest judges, has published a book: "Finger Guitar Basic Tutorial".

Zhu Haibin 朱海斌

He is currently Chairman of Shanghai Xinsi Chao Industrial Co., Ltd., CEO of Music Times Performing Arts Center, General Manager of Shanghai Xiaohui Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Vice President of Shanghai Guitar Art Association, Founder of China Music Guitar Network (Yinji Network), Shanghai Performance Industry Association The first batch of intermediate performance agents. In 2010, he founded the Music Network and established the Music Age Performing Arts Center. In 2014, the Shanghai Guitar Art Association was re-elected as a standing director. In 2017, he served as the vice president of the Shanghai Guitar Art Association.

Zhang Yize 张艺泽

Professional member of the Guangdong Guitar Research Association, the first director of the Guitar Friends Association, and the outstanding test teacher of the Wuhan Conservatory of Music. Former member of the Shanghai Guitar Friendship Association, member of the Beijing Guitar Society. He studied under the famous classical guitar player, Professor Yin Yin, the top ten guitar master.

Pan Feng 潘峰

Member of the Guitar Association of the Chinese Musicians Association, professional judge of the Guitar Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, professional teacher of the Guitar Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, member of the Bavarian Musicians Association of the Xinjiang Musicians Association, and president of the Guitar Society of the Bavarian Musicians Association. In 2012, he studied classical guitar with the young classical guitarist of the Central Conservatory of Music.

Cheng Yufeng 程玉峰

The judges of the National Guitar Competition have been studying in the field of classical guitar teaching and practice for more than 20 years, and the results have been remarkable. Mr. Cheng was a special guest of the Daqing Radio Station in 1999. He played and recorded the world famous classical guitar. The Daqing Media Evening News has reported many times. In 2001, he was employed by Daqing Petroleum Art College to teach classical guitar. 2011-1014 as a visiting scholar resident in Antalya and Istanbul, Europe. As a young guitarist, Mr. Cheng has been included in the "Famous Who's Who of Chinese Art", the cover of China's "Friends of Guitar", and the "Art Chinese Celebrity Dictionary".

Deng Xiangyang 邓向阳

Member of the Chongqing Musicians Association, vice president of the Guitar Special Committee, began working as a professional band in the early 1990s, and served as the lead guitarist. He used to be a live accompaniment for many first-line singers, and later engaged in teaching work. The culture was appointed as the cadre art training guitar teacher and the director of the Music and Music Department of the Yubei District Musicians Association. He led and participated in the organization and coordination of the 2018 China Chongqing Guitar Art Week.

Kang De Bo 康德波

The director of the Chinese Music Association Guitar, 2012 was included in the "Chinese Musician Dictionary", is the only founder of the "Sichuan Music Association Guitar Society". He is currently the president of the Sichuan Guitar Society. Vice Chairman of the Zhuhai International Guitar Competition. Kang is a student of Chen Zhi, the father of Chinese guitar. He compiles the "Music World" of the Provincial Music Association and his professional professional book "Classical Guitar Collection" and founded the "Sichuan Guitar" website. Mr. Kang has long been rooted in the music culture industry link, and has introduced a large number of international and domestic guitar masters to Sichuan to perform, exchange, impart and popularize. There have been the United States, Japan, Venezuela, Taiwan, India, Russia, Germany, Spain, South Africa and other countries. Representatives from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places come to Sichuan for academic, professional, industry performances and exchanges.

Xie Xue Fei 谢雪飞

Yu You and his founder of the Conservatory of Music, China National Academy of Music, National Social Art Level, Jiangxi Examination Area, and the first classical guitar professional in Jiangxi (graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 2007), currently teaching at the Conservatory of Jiangxi Normal University and Jiangxi Normal University. Guitar major and elective courses at the University of Science and Technology and Jiangxi Institute of Science and Technology.

Fang Qihai 方起海

Vice President of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Henan Musicians Association, Chairman of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Shangqiu City Musicians Association, external guitar teacher of Shangqiu College, and external guitar teacher of Shangqiu Vocational and Technical College.

Xia Wei Nan 夏伟楠

Guitar musicians, devoted to the classical guitar teaching and composition field, created classical guitar works "Shui Yunjian", "Swan and Girl", "Let's talk to you on a night full of tulips".

Liang Dakang 梁大康

In 1966, he was taught by Mr. Hu Yue (Hu Yue graduated from Harbin Conservatory of Music in the 1930s and studied saxophone and guitar with Russian teachers). At the beginning of 1983, he began to teach and promote classical guitars.

Wang Po 汪泊

Wuxi City Musicians Association Guitar Society Secretary (mainly responsible for Wuxi foreign music exchanges and competitions and other related matters), the National Guitar Invitational expert judges, China's earliest guitar publication "Friends of Guitar" editorial committee members. Special guest of the National Guitar Art Festival of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Judges of the China International Preliminaries in the Melbourne International Youth Music Competition. Wuxi Jiangnan secondary professional college special teachers. Classical guitar player, educator.

Xiang Jun Ni 聂祥军

That is to say, Paul, who is well known on the Internet, has been engaged in guitar education for more than 20 years. He began to study guitar in 1985, performed in the band from 1990 to 1998, and began to focus on guitar teaching after 1998. Over the years, he has actively participated in various guitar art activities in China, established good relationships with many domestic and foreign guitar artists, enthusiastically promoted guitar art, and invited domestic and foreign guitar artists to perform. He is currently a standing director of the Liupanshui City Guitar Society and a member of the Organizing Committee of the Liupanshui City Guitar Art Festival. Founded in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, the Classic Art Center is a professional teaching institution with two majors: guitar and saxophone.

Tian Peng 田鹏

He is currently a senior teacher in Yishui, Shandong. Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Linyi City Musicians Association. Since 1984, he has been teaching classical guitars to this day. The founder of the Shandong Yimeng Guitar Art Festival.

Wang Guodong 王国东

He is currently a member of the Chinese Guitar Society, a judge of the competition, and has served as a judge and director of the guitar competition in and outside the province. He is a well-known senior teacher in Heilongjiang Province, a publisher of folk guitar teaching materials, a member of the Chinese Guitar Society classical and electric guitar examination textbook, and the president of Hegang City Guitar Association. Hegang First Middle School guest guitar teacher, the current Hegang City Dawn Primary School, "Love Classroom" guitar teacher.

Hegang City Guodong Guitar Training School, founded by the China Music Association Guitar Society, is the only authorized training institution in Hegang District and a formal training school approved by the Municipal Education Bureau.

Zhu Yan 朱岩

A senior Chinese guitarist and educator, after more than 40 years of performance and teaching career, through his own innovation and practice, he has compiled a set of learning styles suitable for Chinese children, and used classical music techniques to bring a large number of Chinese classics. The music is adapted into a unique solo. In addition to mastering classical guitars, Zhu Yan has developed a unique style in popular classical style in recent years.

Chen Baozhong 陈宝忠

China's famous classical guitar player, educator, national guitar art festival expert judges, Chinese Musicians Association social music level examination textbook editorial board, Heilongjiang Musicians Association guitar professional committee president, Harbin Normal University Music Academy classical guitar professional professor .

Li Quanhua 李全华

Member of the Classical Guitar Registration of the Chinese Musicians Association, member of the Liaoning Musicians Association, member of the Guitar Society, member of the Dalian Musicians Association, vice president of the Guitar Society, and executive director of the Private Education Association of the Ganjingzi District Education Bureau of Dalian; started in the mid-eighties Learning classical guitar, he is currently the principal of Dalian Romantic Classic Music Art Peizhen School.

Cao Mo 曹默

Director of the Guitar Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, Vice President of the Guitar Society of the Hunan Musicians Association, President of the Guitar Society of the Zhangzhou City Musicians Association, judge of the Hunan Guitar Competition, and judge of the China Zhuhai Art Festival Guitar Competition, for more than 30 years The earliest guitarists in China have been active in the field of guitar playing and teaching, and have trained many disciples to enter the music school and engage in guitar business.

Yang Yu Lin 杨育林

Northeastern University of Petroleum, School of Art, Department of Music, classical guitar, folk guitar professional subject teacher, Harbin Normal University Music School guitar professional classical guitar, folk guitar guest professor, master student tutor. Mainly engaged in Spanish national music and classical guitar, folk guitar playing and education, teaching research.

In 2004, the first batch of music masters in Harbin Normal University Art School (classical guitar direction). In November 2005, he was officially transferred to the Music Department of the Northeast Petroleum University Art School, where he served as a classical guitar and folk guitar professional teacher. Since September 2011, the Harbin Normal University Academic Committee has been strictly selected to be officially approved as a master student in classical guitar, folk guitar performance and education.

Yu Si Lei 虞思雷

Director of Shanghai Friends of Guitars Association, Vice President of Guitar Committee of Zhejiang Musicians Association.

Lin Weijie 林伟杰

He is currently the vice president of the Nanhai Guitar Association. He has been teaching guitar music for nearly 20 years and has taught numerous art students and guitar lovers. His students have achieved outstanding results in various guitar competitions and art tests, including the 2015 Guangzhou National Children's Classical Guitar Competition Quartet Champion, the 2017 Guangzhou Classical Guitar Invitational Children's Group and Junior Group Outstanding Player Awards. Best Creative Award, Best Cooperation Award, Best Voice Award.

Liu Sheng 刘胜

In the early 1980s, he began to learn guitar. In May 1990, he was admitted to the first national full-time teacher training class. He studied under Professor Chen Zhi of the Central Conservatory of Music and received many internationally renowned performers for the same period of time.

He is currently the vice president of the Guitar Art Committee of the Hubei Musicians Association, the vice chairman of the Music Education Association of Hubei Province, the president of the Guitar Education Professional Committee, the president of the Guitar Professional Committee of the Xiangyang Musicians Association, and the external teacher of the Music College of Hubei University of Arts and Science. , Shenyang International Guitar Art Festival, Qinling International Guitar Art Festival, Changsha Guitar Art Festival Jury.

Huang Xiaodong 黄晓东

Editor-in-Chief of the National Art Special Student Certification Committee (Classical Guitar Test Standard Course), Senior Guitar Tester

Editors and Professional Teachers of the Chinese Guitar Society "Ai Le Social Art Level Examination" (Classical Guitar Examination Standard)

President of Chishui City Guitar Association

Mr. Huang Xiaodong studied under the guidance of Prof. He Qing from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. He was guided by the Spanish guitarist Pablo Gonzalez Martin, directed by the famous French guitarist Eric and the Swedish guitarist Johannes Moller.


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